Rebecca Ellis Artist

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Artist Statement

It is good to do that which uses the talents you are given. If doing a particular something comes easily to you, makes you smile inside, and you lose track of time in the midst of it, then that may be what you are called to do. Art is that way for me. I’ve enjoyed creating images all of my life. My job as an artist is to take the time to see and appreciate the glory of God’s world, to create thought provoking art and beauty by study and hands-on experiences, then to share the art with as many people as possible

Thank you for stopping in to view my art. I hope you find one that pleases you enough to purchase it. If so please contact me via this website. If you’d like to see the actual piece let me know and I will meet you at the Coastal Arts League Gallery, 300 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California. Their hours open are Thursday-Monday, 11:00-4:00. There are other artworks by me there too, as well as at Half Moon Bay Coffee Company, one block north on Main Street.